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Our unique performances will impact and inspire audiences 
Give them an experience they will remember

Kinetic Tapestry will captivate your audience and give them an experience they will remember for a lifetime. Whether the gathering is intimate or large scale, our unique performances will impact and inspire your audience. Our productions utilize and blend a variety of performing art forms including:

  • Dance

  • Character Clowning

  • Mime/Physical Theater

  • Theatrical Storytelling

  • Stilt Walking

  • Fire Breathing/Juggling

  • Solo and Partner Trapeze

  • Aerial Silks

  • Aerial Cross

  • Aerial Bungee

  • Aerial Lyra

  • Sport Acrobatics/Partnering

What People Are Saying

"Really don’t know how we will top their act next year at family night"

Debbie Elder

“We loved the workshop and performance at Oak Bend Library this morning given by Jaime. He made our morning a lot of fun! “

Library Grandma

"They're great! We just had them out for our VBS this week. Wonderful presentation!"

Wyatt Colt

Touring Performers Grant

Organizations that are eligible for Missouri Arts Council funding may seek funding from them to pay for our artistic and performance fees. 

Circus VBS in Indiana, USA.


Stage Shows

  • 30 - 60 minute Comedy Circus Show with a mix of comedy, juggling, acrobatics and aerial acts. Ideal for special events, festivals, parties, summer camps

  • Ponderings of a Fool- 3 man, 60-90 min circus stage show

Circus Workshop in Puerto Rico

Educational Programs

  • Perfect for Libraries, school assemblies, fundraiser events

  • Comedy Circus show 30-60 min

  • Science of Circus- Interactive Circus Workshop

  • You See A Circus- Interactive Circus Workshop with reading of the book “You See a Circus, I See…”

Wonderful Cross. Aerialist in church.


  • Perfect for Sunday service, Circus VBS, Upward Sports, Awana.

  • 30-60 minutes performances

  • 5-7 min performance pieces

Family Fall Festival in St. Louis, Missouri



  • Walkabout Mime

  • Jugglers

  • Stilt walkers

  • Aerialists

  • Interactive Circus


Q: Are you insured?  

A: Yes.​ We are fully insured. A certificate of insurance is issued for every event.

Q: What kind of venue do you need?

A: We perform in a wide variety of venues from sidewalks to large arena stages. To do aerial silks/Trapeze we either need to be able to rig to the support beams of the structure or have 19’ of height to put up our free-standing aerial rig.


Q: What if we can’t rig a trapeze in our performance space?

A: We have a free-standing aerial rig that is like a big swing set that we can use for rigging if we need to. We also have performances that include acrobatics, comedy, fire,  juggling and other cool things if we cannot rig aerial equipment.


Q: What does a performance cost?

A: That depends on a few key factors:

1.    How long of a performance do you need? 2. What kind of act(s) are you looking for. (Trapeze, juggling, stilt walker…) 3. How many performers are you looking for? We do each quote individually.

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